Courses of department: KVV

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Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KVV/ANDR Andragogy Winter Czech 3  
KVV/ANIMM Animal-Assisted Therapy Summer Czech 2  
KVV/ANIMO Animal-Assisted Therapy Summer Czech 2  
KVV/APIN1 Applied Practice Interventions I Summer Czech 3  
KVV/APIN2 Applied Practice Interventions II Summer Czech 4  
KVV/APIN3 Applied Practice Interventions III Summer Czech 4  
KVV/APRO1 Current Issues in Educational Sciences I Winter and summer Czech 3  
KVV/APRO2 Current Issues in Educational Sciences II Summer Czech 3  
KVV/APSVR Actual problems of special education Summer Russian 4 The course is available to visiting students
KVV/ASRV Asertivity Winter and summer Czech 3  
KVV/BCPR Bachelor Thesis Winter and summer Czech 10  
KVV/CZVZ System of Lifelong Learning Summer Czech 3  
KVV/DETI Group and Therapeutic Work with Children Summer Czech 2  
KVV/DIPR Diploma Thesis Winter and summer Czech 15  
KVV/DISE Diploma Thesis Seminar Winter Czech 2  
KVV/ESOP Social Policy of Europe Summer Czech 3  
KVV/ETIK Ethics Winter Czech 3  
KVV/ETOP Ethopedy Summer Czech 3  
KVV/ETPG Ethics for Pedagogues Winter Czech 2  
KVV/EXKUR Excursions Winter and summer Czech 1  
KVV/GEPE Gerontopedagogy Summer Czech 2  
KVV/IDEV Idea of Europeanism Winter Czech 4  
KVV/INTPS Intercultural psychology Winter Czech 4  
KVV/KOIN Communication and Interaction Summer Czech 2  
KVV/KSOC Chapters from Sociology Summer Czech 5  
KVV/KVAV Quantitative Research Summer Czech 3  
KVV/KVEV Quality and evaluation in educational praxis Winter Czech 3  
KVV/MEPČ The Methodology of probation activities Summer Czech 2  
KVV/METPG Methodology of Pedagogical Research Winter Czech 4  
KVV/METV Methodology of Scientific Research Winter Czech 5  
KVV/MFPK Methods and Forms of Work with Clients in Resocialization Institutions Winter Czech 3  
KVV/MKPG Multicultural Pedagogy Winter Czech 3  
KVV/MKVY Multicultural Education Summer Czech 4  
KVV/MSDCH Marginal Groups and Deviation in Behavior Summer Czech 3  
KVV/ORNS Management of Non-Profit Sector Summer Czech 3  
KVV/PDIP The Project of the Diploma Thesis Winter Czech 3  
KVV/PGDG Pedagogical Psychological Diagnostics Winter and summer Czech 2  
KVV/PGPS Pedagogical Psychology Summer Czech 3  
KVV/PGPSM Padagogical psychology Summer Czech 3  
KVV/PRAVH Introduction to Law Summer Czech 4  
KVV/PROCH Social and Legal Children Protection Winter Czech 2  
KVV/PROJE Project Winter Czech 6  
KVV/PRXP Practice I Summer Czech 3  
KVV/PRXS Practice II Winter Czech 3  
KVV/PSPR Psychology of Work Summer Czech 3  
KVV/PSVV Psychology of Education Summer Czech 3  
KVV/PSZDR Psychology of Health Winter Czech 3  
KVV/PZLO Law - Basic Principles of Legislation in Branch Winter Czech 3  
KVV/RAPE Early care Summer Czech 2  
KVV/REPG1 Resocialization Pedagogy I Summer Czech 3  
KVV/REPG2 Resocialization Pedagogy II Winter Czech 3  
KVV/RETO Seminar of Rhetoric Winter Czech 3  
KVV/REZA Resocialization of addictive behavior Summer Czech 2  
KVV/ROSOD Development of Social Skills Summer Czech 3  
KVV/SBCP Bachelor Thesis Seminar Winter Czech 4  
KVV/SKMA School Management Summer Czech 3  
KVV/SKMAM School Management Summer Czech 3  
KVV/SODE Social Deviations Winter Czech 5  
KVV/SOPEI Socio-pedagogical institutions in Czech Republic Summer English 3 The course is available to visiting students
KVV/SOPG Social Pedagogy and a Free Time Winter Czech 2  
KVV/SOPR Social Work Summer Czech 3  
KVV/SOPR1 Social Work I Winter Czech 3  
KVV/SOPR2 Social Work II Summer Czech 3  
KVV/SOPS Chapters from Social Psychology Summer Czech 3  
KVV/SOPSM Social Psychology Winter Czech 5  
KVV/SOVY Sociology of Education and Sociopatholog Winter Czech 3  
KVV/SPEPR Social Pedagogy and Work Winter Czech 5  
KVV/SPPG Special Pedagogy Winter Czech 3  
KVV/SPPGR Special Pedagogy Summer Russian 3 The course is available to visiting students
KVV/SRVI The Management of Educational Institutions Summer Czech 3  
KVV/SRVSR System of resocialization in Slovac Republic Winter Czech 3  
KVV/STA1 Statistics I Winter Czech 3  
KVV/STA2 Statistics II Summer Czech 6  
KVV/STPC Statistical Processing of Data on PC Winter Czech 2  
KVV/TEKOS The Therapeutic Community System in Resocialization Institutions Summer Czech 3  
KVV/UPSY Introduction to Psychology Winter Czech 3  
KVV/USOPO Introduction to Social Policy Winter Czech 3  
KVV/VPSY Introduction to Developmental Psychology Summer Czech 3  
KVV/VYCV Training Summer Czech 5  
KVV/VZPOL Educational Policy Winter Czech 4  
KVV/ZINFH Introduction to Information Technologies Winter and summer Czech 3  
KVV/ZKRO Comparative Examination Winter Czech 1  
KVV/ZPED1 Introduction to Pedagogy I Winter Czech 2  
KVV/ZPED2 Introduction to Pedagogy II Summer Czech 3  
KVV/ZSOPS Chapters from Social Psychology Winter Czech 5