List of courses for selected education branch: Printing, working with paper, film and photography

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KALCH/C012A Chemometrics I Winter English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KPF/C417 Text and Image Processing I Winter Czech 3  
KPF/C418 Prepress II Summer Czech 3  
KPF/C544 Technology and Quality of Print Winter Czech 4  
KPF/C547 Print Production Management Winter Czech 4  
KPF/C548 Digital Photography Winter Czech 3  
KPF/C707 Printing Machinery Summer Czech 5  
KPF/C709 Typography Summer Czech 4  
KPF/C721 Reproduction Processes in Print.Technol. Summer Czech 4  
KPF/C730 Special Print. and Reproduct. Techniques Winter Czech 5  
KPF/C731 Automat. and Control of Print. Processes Summer Czech 5  
KPF/C732 Principles of Polymer Physics Winter Czech 8  
KPF/C733 Lab.Practices in Printing Technology III Winter Czech 6  
KPF/C737 Lab. Practices in Printing Technology IV Summer Czech 4  
KPF/C746 Colorimetry Summer Czech 4  
KPF/C748 Scientific Writing Summer Czech 5  
KPF/C753 Special Projects in Printing Technol.III Winter Czech 7  
KPF/C757 Special Printing and Reproduction Techni Summer Czech 5  
KPF/C801 Introduction to Graphic arts and printin Winter Czech 4  
KPF/C847 Electronic Publishing Winter Czech 3  
UCHTML/C075 Lab. of Mat. Synthes. and Character. Winter Czech 3  
UCHTML/C077 Hypermocelular Chemistry Winter Czech 2  
UCHTML/C161 Technology of Papermaking Winter Czech 5  
UCHTML/C163 Discipline Lab. II Winter Czech 11  
UCHTML/C167 Paper and Cardboard Processing Winter Czech 2  
UCHTML/C168 Packaging Printing Techniques Winter Czech 2  
UCHTML/C866 Packaging Technology Summer Czech 3