List of courses for selected education branch: Law, legal and public administration proceeding

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
FES/DPAR Law and Procedure Winter and summer Czech 10  
KRE/CEHE1 Commented Reading - Hebrew Texts Winter English 4  
KRE/CEHE2 Commented Reading - Hebrew Texts Summer English 5  
KRE/ZFIL2 Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism Summer English 4  
KSV/PRASA Law for social antropology Winter and summer Czech 4  
USSV/KSPP2 Administrative Law II Summer Czech 4  
USSV/KZVP Introduction to Public Law Winter Czech 4  
USSV/PSPP2 Administrative Law II Summer Czech 4  
USSV/PSTV Current Trends in Public Administration Summer Czech 2