List of courses for selected education branch: History courses

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KRE/ZFIL1 Study of Mysticism in Comparative Persp. Winter English 5 The course is available to visiting students
UHV/CMSR Bohemian Towns in Middle and Early Moder Winter Czech 3  
UHV/DELA History of Spas and Baths Winter Czech 3  
UHV/DKD Good Books for Children Summer Czech 3  
UHV/DTELA History of the body Summer Czech 3  
UHV/GCD Gender and the Church Summer Czech 3  
UHV/ITHIS IT for historians Winter and summer Czech 3  
UHV/MEDI Social History of Medicine Winter and summer Czech 3  
UHV/MIPSD Possibilities of the Interpretation of Winter and summer Czech 3  
UHV/PRAX1 Training I Winter Czech 2  
UHV/STRBS Contemporary Trends in Research Winter Czech 3  
UHV/USKD2 Introduction to the Study of Cultural Hi Summer Czech 3  
UHV/ZPPI Basic skills for working in memory insti Winter and summer Czech 3  
UHV/19STS History of the 19th Century - Seminar Winter Czech 3